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Article 1

Replace any broken tiles on roof

High pressure wash the roof with 3000psi gerni.
Step 3

Seal the roof tiles with appropriate sealer/primer
Step 4

2 Coats of top colour applied
Step 5

Repoint the ridge capping with flexible pointing*

*if recementing is included in price

Step 1

Replace any broken tile on roof
Step 2

Spray on anti fungi soak to kill moss
Step 3

High pressure wash the roof with 2400psi gerni
Step 4

Repair the ridgecapping*

Your family home is a valuable asset.When restoring your old roof Bellan Roofing has you covered with the highest possible levels of quality and service. Bellan Roofing can restore your roof with minimal fuss.We take the care to mask all skylights gables and solar panels to provide the best looking roof in the street!. Bellan Roofing offers a new procedure to our roof restoring service. We have added re cementing after the roof is painted to give that "New Roof Look" finish.This makes all the differance to your home at no extra charge!*
The process for terracotta cleaning is quite similar to coating but instead of coating i use a anti fungi to kill the moss.This helps remove the moss and stop it in its tracks.This process is perfect to brighten up any home with terracotta tiles and bring them up to near new.Genrally after cleaning the roof the ridge caps are repaired and pointed in flexible pointing which will be a little darker than tile colour to break up the ridge capping from the tiles which in turn makes the roof a feature instead of just a roof.
Roof Restoration Castle Hill
Our roof restorations are of the highest quality as we only use the best quality paint.
We are a company who takes pride in our work and this shows in our workmanship. 
We offer roof restorations as a personal prefferance to updating your home not as a band aid to fix a leaking roof.
A newly painted roof could add thousands of $$$ to you homes value.
A coat of paint at the end of the day which can make the differance to your home!          
Terracotta Tile High Pressure Clean
Roof Restoration St Clair
Roof Restoration Blacktown
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